Sharp Solutions Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our Staff Trained, Hardworking Professionals Our business has been built on the foundations of knowledge, Striving to deliver only the Best results!.Training & re-training through out the years to be 100% up to date with forever Changing fabrics & fibres has been the key to our success. It would be easy if one solution fit All fabrics & fibres, unfortunately this is not the case. Fine linen, cotton, wool, viscose, silk & Many others have to be treated correctly. ph levels in solutions are all designed to fit a Different purpose. Our customers are relaxed in the trust & knowledge that they have highly Trained professionals assisting to there cleaning requirements. Our Mission We truly care about our service. Presentation, kind manors & understanding our trade is What keeps our services top of the list!. We welcome new customers who are looking for an on Point service in every area.