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We have been repairing carpets for over twenty years. Being a fully trained flooring installer carpet repair came naturally.

Weather your carpet has been damaged by the family pet or an accident caused by a dropped iron or cigarette burn.  Don’t worry we are at your service.  Most stains caused to wool carpets are permanent and need repairing structurally.  Some are achievable by re-dying and some need pile replacement or patch repair.

Carpet Repair Derbyshire

We also repair ancillaries such as underlay, gripper rods and door bars to full installation of brand new carpeting and flooring.

Don’t hesitate and delay when we are only a phone call away!

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This short video shows the carpet repair process in detail:

Here’s A Selection Of Repairs We Carry Out Daily:


Iron Burns


Pulled Rows


Cigarette Burns


Pet Urine Stains


Moth Damage


Permanent Stains

Did You Know?

As well as repairing carpets we can clean and fit them too.  So maybe you want a carpet moved from one room to another then professionally refitted and cleaned.  We can do that no problem.

Or perhaps you have a carpet that needs a re-stretch.  Whatever it is call us and we will be able to help.

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