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Upholstery Cleaners Derby

Your upholstery receives a lot of wear and tear over time.  It also comes into regular contact with dirt, stains and sweat.  Pet odours too if you have pets at home.  If your upholstered furniture hasn’t been professionally cleaned in a couple of years then it’s well overdue.  This is where our upholstery cleaning Derby service will help.

Upholstery that stays cleaner for longer – Guaranteed!

Upholstery Deep Cleaning

The first thing we do is look at the construction of the fabric to find out the exact type of fabric we are cleaning.  Then a commercial vacuum cleaner is used to dry extract all the dry dirt and dust from your precious furniture.  Following this we then apply a special cleaning solution and gently massage it into every fibre.  This slowly loosens all the dirt, sweat and stains off the fabric.  Finally we use a low moisture tool on a commercial extraction machine to suck all the dirt and cleaning solution away.

Outstanding Results

After the cleaning process has been carried out you will be amazed at the result.  You are left with hygienically clean furniture that feels softer and smells a lot fresher.

The drying time depends on the fabric type but most suites are generally dry within 3 hours.  So whether it’s a sofa, armchair, 3 piece suite or even dining room chairs.  We can work our magic on them and make them look as good as they possibly can.

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Clinton done a brilliant job of cleaning my corner suite. All the marks and stains from the past 10 years are all gone.  I’d highly reccomend sharp cleaning solutions to anyone.

Mr Dave Morris

Upholstery Cleaning Derby

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