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We are proud to offer commercial and office carpet cleaning services to clients in Derby.  This includes office carpet cleaning, hotel carpet cleaning, retail carpet cleaning, but it doesn’t stop there.  If your business has carpets then we can professionally clean them.  From a tea or coffee stain to a major flood we have a solution to fit your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Hours to Suit Your Business

We work 24/7 to fit in with your professional business needs so your company has no downtime while our specialist commercial carpet cleaners are on your business premises.

Our machines are also quiet so if there are people working minimum disruption is caused.

Here’s How It’s Done

We have three different commercial carpet cleaning systems we can use so we will always use the most appropriate method that suits the type of carpet you have. We also promise you a super fast turnaround. This means after we are finished cleaning your businesses carpets are ready to walk on straight away and will be bone dry within an hour.

We will also happily supply all relevant documents including safe systems of work and the appropriate risk assessments.

Call us today and we will be only to happy to arrange a site visit to give your company a completely free quote.


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