A Little About Sharp Solutions

Sharp Solutions Professional Cleaning

Sharp Solutions Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning staff are trained, hardworking professionals.

Our business has been built on the foundations of knowledge, striving to deliver only the best results!  Training & re-training through out the years to be 100% up to date with forever changing fabrics & fibres has been the key to our success.

It would be easy if one solution fit All fabrics & fibres, unfortunately this is not the case.  Fine linen, cotton, wool, viscose, silk and many others have to be treated correctly.  pH levels in solutions are all designed to fit a different purpose.  Our customers are relaxed in the trust & knowledge that they have highly trained professionals assisting to there cleaning requirements.

Sharp Solutions Mission

We truly care about our service.  Presentation, kind manners & understanding our trade is what keeps our services top of the list!

We welcome new customers who are looking for an on point service in every area.

T: 01332 576167
M: 07474 684953

Did You Know?

As well as cleaning carpets we can repair and fit them too.  So maybe you want a carpet moved from one room to another then professionally refitted and cleaned.  We can do that no problem.

Or perhaps you have a carpet that needs a re-stretch.  Whatever it is call us and we will be able to help.

We promise we will strive to do the best job possible at all times.  However, if for any reason you have any concerns with our work or service please contact us directly to speak with the owner, Clinton Sharp, and he will be only too pleased to help.


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